World of Warcraft: The Chinese Speedrun Guilds

It is true that all successful speedrun raids with an average item level of 79 or 80 come from China. How is that actually happening? For a long time, European and American guilds dominated the raid in WoW. Experienced communities like APES, Progress or SALAD BAKERS sank the first kills and speedrun records. But the picture has changed over time.

The current record holder in Naxxramas, Noobs, is from China. The Chinese raids are also having extremely strong times in other raids. What is also noticeable when you compare the guilds with one another: The equipment of the Chinese raids is on average better than the equipment of European or American communities.

In the top ranking of the speedrun guilds, there are currently only six raid communities with an average item level of 79 or 80. All six raids come from China. And if you take a closer look at the players of the guilds, you will find a lot of highlight loot from Naxxramas such as Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Angel, Kingslayer, Gressil, Harbinger of Doom, The Sore Cold, Kiss of the Spider or Crest of the Butcher.

To understand: Most of the guilds that have been visiting Naxxramas since the first ID have never or only very rarely seen the Spider’s Guns and Kiss. So what are the Chinese players doing differently? Do you have an adapted loot list with a different percentage chance than us? Exactly the rumor is currently making the rounds on the net, but it is nonsense.

 In the Chinese community, however, there is a different raid meta than ours. The gold DKP loot system is much more widespread there than here. In Chinese PUG raids you can only find gold DKP, and even in guild-internal runs this version of the loot distribution is used in many guilds. In addition, the Chinese players have a lot of twinks with whom they take part in gold DKP raids. This is also due to the fact that many players rely on raids to make gold since bots and pro-farmers make farming in the open world impossible and these also dominate the auction house.

 All of this ensures that many more raids take place on Chinese servers than on European or American realms. So there is significantly more loot in circulation. With these “twink runs” and the WoW token, the Speedrun players collect enough gold to be able to choose the loot with their main character in a gold DKP run.

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