Shower Tile ideas with Buying Tips

If you want to know what the best tiles to used in the shower then in this article I don’t only highlight the best shower tile ideas but also share some buying tips. First you can explore amazing patterns collection and next you can come across a guide that let you pick the best tile for bathroom showers.

What tiles to pick for shower floor?

Here we need to use our common sense. The best tile for bathroom shower floor is one which is slip resistant and very impervious to water. The size of tile must be right for the available space and according to the slope of the shower pan. Mostly, interior designers opt for porcelain and other stones. You don’t need to use glazed ceramic tiles for bathroom showers, since they are very slick and chances of slip are high.

What the best shower tile ideas for the walls?

Once you done with floor tile selection, next thing is to know what tile would be suitable for the walls. The best tile is almost any tile which is considered suitable for wet locations. Glass tile ideas are most desirable for the people who need style in their bathroom shower. Stone tile ideas are  very common. People can easily find stone tiles, therefore they may like to go with such ideas.

When it comes to picking glass tile ideas, you need to keep in mind one important point. Don’t buy large clear glass tile which can show moisture behind the tiles.  Instead, you need to buy small colored glass tiles for your bathroom shower wall decoration.

As far as stone  tiles are concerned, people like them because it is very easy to clean such tiles. They show great resistance to staining. Make sure you buy those stone tiles patterns that have the best mineral content.

Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas

People generally like to prefer ceramic tiles for their bathroom shower. Such tiles are very easy to clean and require less maintenance as compared to other types of tiles. In your bathroom, shower, you have to add some windows, benches, curbs and built-in seats. Such things mostly have some edges and corners. So, when you are going to buy ceramic or other kinds of tiles then you should prefer bull-nosed tiles. Such tiles allow you to smooth the edges easily.