How to Make a Door in Minecraft

Doors are one of the crucial and necessary mechanisms you can build within any construction. This can be the easiest and durable item which can be stored in your inventory and can yield any time you try to build a shelter. With this method, you’ll be able to make three sets of doors at a time.

Make a Door in Minecraft

For crafting a door, you must have six planks. These planks can be made from any type of tree including light oak, dark oak, birch spruce, acacia, and jungle.

Before crafting any sort of item, you need to switch to the crafting menu. You have to open the 3×3 dimension grid after opening the crafting table.

On the 3×3 dimension grid in the crafting table, you have to fill in the desired item to create doors. In the first row, you have to leave the last grid empty, putting each plank in first and second. Similarly, in the second row, you have to add planks in first and second grids, sparing the last. Finally, in the third row, you have to add items, similar to the first and second rows. 

After you’ve placed all items correctly by following the pattern. Now you can get three doors in the result box, which can be placed in your inventory.