Best Fish and Chips Recipe

Whether it summer or winter or spring, fish is always the most favorite meal of kids because the natural taste of fish is so much rich and kids love it.

If you love trying out Fish recipes at home you might want to try the most famous Fish and Chips Recipes, I am sharing some for you down in the post.

You can serve Fish with the tastar sauce, along with fried or oven-baked potatoes fries. You might also want to read Paleo Fish recipes and Easy baked cod fish recipes.

Bristish Inspired Fish Recipe

The first recipe is simple fish and chips, it is inspired by New England’s recipe and is served with tartar sauce, lemon sauce or vinegar. I would recommend you to make your own blended sauce using your own ingredients. I made one using lemon, small dash of garlic and mayonnaise.

Fish Recipe with Fries

This crispy fish is served with lots of light brown fries and some tartar sauce, it would be good for you add some drinks with this fish meal to make it even more festive. The recipe used rosette potatoes peeled and fried. For frying fish you would need baking powder and unbleached all purpose flour. You can add some seasoning of your choice too, to make the batter taste better for your fish recipe.

British Inspired Fried Fish Recipe

I must say that some greens over this fried fish and chips look amazing, you can use coriander, parsley or chopped green onion over it. If you love famous fish and chips recipe of New England and London, you would love to try this fish recipe, it has all the ingredients of the original fried fish dish.

Fish with Fries

This recipe is so simple to make and understand, you do not need too many ingredients to make this British style fish. It would be a great evening snack or night meal for the entire family. This is a classic recipe for frying fish that you would love to try more than once every month.

Baked Fish Recipe

This fish recipe is simple , if you will try it, your meal will turn out to be great. The crumbs used for the coating keep the fish fillet nice and crispy from the outside, from the inside it will be soft, juicy and tender. You must try this baked fish because it turns out to be yummy and delicious.

Fried Fish Recipe with Medium Sized Potato wedges

You would love this fried fish because it is crispy and juice, it is served with medium sized potato wedges. So easy to make. Just try it during weekend. The original recipe tells you to use Maris piper, king edward and desiree. You need cod fish fillet or haddock fillets for this fish and chips recipe. For frying you may use sunflower oil or vegetable oil, but it would be better if you could use beef dripping, because it adds taste to the recipe.

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