Easy Baked Cod Fish Recipes! Delicious Cod Recipes To Try

I would say that if you are getting started with the seafood cooking, you must start your cooking experience with baked cod fish recipes because they are so easy to attempt, easy to understand, and quick to make. Sometimes, you only have to put some garlic and lemon paste over the cod fish fillets for marination. Bake cod fish in the oven within fifteen minutes or less and use parsley or cilantro over over the fillets to make them even healthier.

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How much Nutrients are in cod fish?

Cod fish is known as the mild fish, fully loaded in protein, phosphorus, niacin, and Vitamin b-12. One cod fish fillet of 100kg might be having 100 calories or less, and less than a gram of fat and so much protein.

How to Cook Cod?

Cod fillets are really easy to cook, they are low flaky white meat that goes well when they are marinated only in lemon and garlic. You could add spices of your spices when you bake cod fish fillets in the oven.  Some people just do it quick and bake cod fish in foil after rubbing some seasoning such as garlic, onion powder, garlic powder, and thyme. You can rub oregano as well, but I recommend you not to overload your cod fillets to kill their natural taste.

Healthiest Fish To eat:

As you know that there are many fish which are rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamins. You should only eat certain types of fish such as cod fish, tuna, salmon, monk fish, sea bass, and grouper. As per research, fish and chicken are also healthy alternatives to meat, if your kids do not love the smell of meat, button and beef, you can bake cod fish in the oven or salmon or any other fish that is easy to cook.

Baked Cod Fish Recipes

Now I am going to share some great baked cod fish recipes which I have tried myself. I am a big love of cod fish because sometimes it takes only twenty minutes for me to marinate it and serve it with vegetables, potatoes and some salsa. My family loves cod in particular because of its less fishy taste. If you have tasted cod ever you might know that it does not smell bad and it tastes very nice, just like any white meat, like chicken.  Now let’s get started with recipes for baked cod fish.

1:Perfect Baked Cod

I would say it takes only ten minutes or less to make this perfectly baked cod. You need thick cut cod loin, any number of fillets can be used for this fish recipe. You need lemon, dry wine, parsley, and butter. I served it with rice pilaf and some spinach on the side and did use some olive oil in the end to give it a juicy look.

2: Lemon Baked Cod Recipes

So, the basic ingredient in this cod fish recipe is lemon and olive oil. You need to thaw the frozen cod fillet at the room temperature and make sure there is no water inside the fish or else it will not take marination very well. Once it is dry, drizzle some lemon juice, some olive oil, and cayenne pepper.  You can also bake cod in the oven by lining a foil paper sheet over the dish. Put your marinated cod fish fillets over it, drizzle some additional lemon and two drops of wine. Remember to seasoning of your choice, you may use black pepper as well with some herbs. 

Once your cod is fully baked, just turn off the oven. Do not overcook your cod fish because it will get dry and rubbery and you do not want your fish to lose its natural taste. You can boil potatoes and serve them on the side dish with your cod fish recipe.

3: Parmesan Baked Cod

I must say that Parmesan based fish recipes are my favorite because I am a big fish lover. I use ricotta, blue and cheddar cheese for the topping as well, it all depends on your personal taste. Parmesan goes well with the cod fish though. Cod is low in mercury so do not add too much of salt and do not add this fish to your weekly fish recipes, you should eat it moderately to keep your diet very healthy.

You need to make Parmesan mixture with garlic and lemon for this cod recipe. The recipe is so simple, it will take only 10 minutes or little extra time depending on the thickness of the fillets.

4: Baked Cod in the oven

Keep in mind that in order for your fish recipe to turn out great, you need to use the fresh seafood. Do not go for the old fish fillets because nobody can tell for how long they have been lying in the freezer. Buy fresh fish fillets whether it be sea bass, grouper, tilapia, or any other white fish meat you are buying. The white fish meat always turns out the best when you bake in in the oven or shallow fry it.

For baking cod in the oven, you need simple ingredients like some garlic and onion seasonings, some basil, and a lot of lemon juice. This fish recipe requires you to use plenty of lemon juice. Smother your cod fish fillets in the lemon juice to develop their taste. You can add some side dish to cod fish recipe such as rice and some smoked vegetables or smoked potatoes.

5: Baked Cod Fish Recipe

This fish recipe is pretty simple, it is just the same except that some cherry tomatoes are used for it. You need parsley and thyme sprigs for dressing too.

6: Lemon Garlic Baked Cod Recipe

I must say that this easy lemon garlic baked cod recipe is one of the best fish recipes you could try. The mixture of garlic and lemon adds a lot of flavor to the fillets. You would never need additional seasoning.

Baked fish would become one of your daily dinner recipe once you try this one. The plus point is it is so easy to bake and cook that you will love to bake it more often as snacks too. And who does not love recipes that save time. In order to make perfectly baked fish, you must buy fresh fillets, free of any smell and bacteria. Always wash your cod fillets with cold water and let them dry before you use lemon for marination or for casting off the fishy smell. Though cod fish does not have typical fish smell but you still can use lemon juice as the strong acid to take away the minor smell. This cod recipe is healthy and easy, you must try it.

7: Garlic Butter Baked Cod

Adding flavor to the cod is fun. With the right ingredients you can add sweetness to your fish recipe along with the deliciousness. This garlic butter baked cod is baked with the creamy butter, you can serve it with rice, with roasted asparagus, roasted vegetables, and parsley. I must say that parsley goes really well with the cod recipe that uses lemon juice.

8: Lemon Baked Cod Fish Recipe

This lemon baked cod recipe can be served with steamed vegetables, steamed broccoli and cauliflower rice. It is all up to you. Once you try it you will feel tempted to make it your weeknight dinner recipe for certain.

9: Cod Recipe with Lemon

I love this baked fish recipes because it is cooked in lemon garlic sauce. It can be served with rice and steamed vegetables, or simply with any sauce that you believe would go with the fish recipe drenched in rich flavor of lemon and garlic.

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